2024 MABGA Annual Tournament

Revised 06/04/2024

The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association wants to thank all the people who help make our 2023 Annual MABGA Tournament a success. It is with all your help that MABGA can support our Junior Golf Program and give our members the opportunity to enjoy the great game of golf.

We want to especially thank the Partners Specialty Group for their very generous contribution as our 2023 Signature Sponsor. It was with their help and all our other patrons that we were able to obtain our financial objectives.

Tournament Date & Location

Date: Monday, August 19, 2024
Location: Philmont Country Club
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

President’s Letter

Dear Friends, coaches, and Members of MABGA:

Welcome! Once again, we are gathered to celebrate our anniversary of the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association (MABGA). This year is the 76th anniversary of our organization’s inception. Our founding fathers were visionaries who brought the joy of golf to visually impaired and blind people.

Since our beginning in 1948, the MABGA has broadened our scope to include sponsorship to fourteen junior golf events a year and in 2021, we proudly announce the completion of our second junior golf course, the Kritz Golf Course on the grounds of the New York Institute for Special Education.

Our adult program regularly hosts approximately thirty outings each year in addition to our annual fundraising tournament.

The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association (MABGA) extends beyond the sport of golf, offering a supportive community where blind and visually impaired individuals can enhance their physical and mental health. Through the game of golf, MABGA provides a platform for social interaction, physical activity, and the enjoyment of nature.

Essential to our existence is a big thank you to our coaches. Without them, we could not play golf at all! Their gifts of time, talent and patience are appreciated by each member of MABGA.

Additionally, thank you to every golf club, which welcomes us to its facilities. We appreciate you for the extra dimension you add to our lives.

Our fundraiser relies on the generous support of our advertisers and sponsors, who make it possible for us to host this event. The entry fee that we charge for playing is only a fraction of the actual cost of the venue, and it does not generate any profit for our cause where we make our profit is from the Ads and sponsorships donations.

The continuing success of MABGA depends on all our members, coaches and friends continuing to support MABGA on our cause to help our blind and visually impaired adult and junior golf programs. Will you help us to keep MABGA strong going forward?


Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association
Mario Tobia

P.S. the deadline for ad book submissions is July 31 and tournament registrations is August 1.

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